You’re in the right place if you or your child are living with pain, tension or restricted movement.

Or if you want to learn how to massage your baby or child.


Bernie Landels

You’re in the right place if you or your child are living with pain, tension or restricted movement.

Or if you want to learn how to massage your baby or child.



With over 25 years experience as a health practitioner and consultant I’m on a mission to help show you why our feet are important and how they are the foundations for resiliency. I have come to see that our physical development and wellbeing underpin most other aspects in our lives, and that our feet have a major part to play. I even wrote a book about it! The feet are our base of support and movement, and connect us to the world around us from birth.

Through movement, massage or structural integration (making connections) I love seeing the change that can happen in the body. You could make a start today with your feet using my FREE checklist and activity sheets…….just 5 minutes a day….

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Do you want to move with ease and less pain?


You’ve come to the right place if you would like to explore how to move more freely, reduce pain and tension or just relax with a massage. We will look at your posture, your movement and of course your feet!

I currently run a private clinic in South Perth, WA. CONTACT ME to enquire about working together.

“I have learned a lot from my sessions – and so has my body. My posture is changing for the better, I feel generally looser and walk with more bounce in my step.”

Sarah G



No one cares more about your baby or child than you do.


That’s why I believe you’re the one to help. Understanding & feeling confident about your baby’s physical development puts you in control. As mum to 2 grown up boys (now 20 & 23) I wish I had known more.

Connecting with your baby or child through MOVEMENT and TOUCH is so powerful. If you’d like to learn infant massage or check your daughter or son’s physical development REACH OUT.

“Bernie helped me to recognise G’s movement development and gave me ideas to help support him reaching milestones.”

Clare H

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What use is knowledge & understanding if it’s not shared?


I’m on a mission to inspire audiences to Find their Feet in this ever changing world and raise the awareness of the importance of early physical development in building resilience in tomorrow’s child. It frustrates me that people know more about operating their car or phone than their own body or their children – or feet!  

I bring knowledge of the human body, clinical and life experiences along with science and research, and I’m going where no-one has gone before, to the actual baseline of our foundations! With more children experiencing anxiety, learning & behavioural challenges we all have a part to play.

If you are looking for a passionate speaker that will get your audience up on their feet and thinking about development differently then BOOK ME for your next virtual or live event – from podcast to podium.

“Bernie ‘kicked us off’ in style sharing her passion for all things related to the feet. Her enthusiasm is infectious.”

Chair, Developmental Practitioners Association UK



We all have our areas of expertise – mine starts at the feet!


Why the feet? We are born to get up on 2 feet and move – and succeed.

 As I was researching for my book “Finding Their Feet” I was shocked at the statistics, the numbers of young children struggling with developmental delays, learning and behavioural challenges. I asked myself 3 questions: Why? What has changed? How can we stop and prevent what is happening?

I discovered that what hadn’t really been explored was the connection between learning to move and walk and the prevention of such challenges. And that much of the early physical development is left to chance – all children are unique they will get there in their own time. No!

Anyone involved in the first 1000 days of a child needs to understand the basics of human physical development and movement, what experiences and environments establish good foundations for all other learning and development to flow. Physical competency frees the brain and body for higher learning and processing.

If you’d like to make the difference to the children in your care or setting then we need to talk. REACH OUT to me to discuss your needs and how we can implement learning and strategies for your team – your parents will thank you.

Finding Their Feet - Free Sample Chapter


“It is such a joy to read something that inspires me to “know better, do better” as a parent and in how I discuss feet with parents as a professional.” Louise P, Consultant Midwife UK

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