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In this podcast Kerryn Powell, The Network Catalyst will connect you with Bernie Landels an experienced educator, speaker and health practitioner, and author of ‘Finding Their Feet’ who brings her knowledge of the human body, clinical and life experiences along with science and research, to the actual baseline of our foundations!

It frustrates Bernie that people know more about operating their car or phone than their own body, or about their children. So why not, take note and better understand the importance of experiences in the first year or so, to provide a foundation from which to build -the connection of parents and baby before birth; then from birth, the journey a baby takes to find their feet and walk.

A journey full of resiliency building moments – if only we allowed each child the freedom – freedom to move. Move all of their body in a natural un-contained world.

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Finding Your Feet by Bernie Landels

Finding Their Feet

Every Parents Guide to Milestones and Movement by Bernie Landels

A parenting book like no other, Finding Their Feet covers the journey from conception and the womb to the moment your baby finds their feet and walks.

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