With over twenty-five years experience as an educator, leader and health practitioner, I have witnessed growth and change. Observing a client to move freely with less pain, to watching a new parent gain more confidence; and students achieving success and going on to share their new-found knowledge and skills.

Both personal and professional experiences were the catalyst behind becoming an author and professional speaker. Unable to work face-to-face during the pandemic I embarked on a journey of research and discovery.

I had found, like many practitioners that physical ailments and discomforts often result from poor posture and lack of movement. Given we all have one thing in common – being bipedal and using our feet to transport ourselves this is where my curiosity lay. However rather than looking at the mature foot it seemed to make sense to go back to the beginning. 

My book ’Finding Their Feet’  is about the beginning of the journey, creating a solid foundation for a more resilient and healthy approach to life. And it is so much more than about feet, read more here

With ‘Finding Their Feet’ informing individual parents, carers, health practitioner and educators I am on a mission to spread the word further with speaking to audiences who are passionate about the first 1000 days and early development.

I continue to work in private practice in Oxford, UK, working with all ages and stages of life. This is an important aspect of my speaking portfolio – my clients, both young and old teach me so much. With permission I share their stories to bring to life our potential as humans.  

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Babies use their feet every day from birth. This journey from womb to walking is full of ‘resiliency-rich’ moments. From the age of two, a child will take 5,000 steps each day on average. By the time they are thirty, they will have taken 51,100,000 steps, which could be as much as 40,000km (25,000miles).

Our feet play such an important role in our lives yet from the time we are born, they rarely receive the attention they deserve or need.

My qualification and accreditations

  • Bachelor of Health Studies (Massage & Neuromuscular Therapy)
  • Diploma in Adult Education (New Zealand)
  • Diplomas in Therapeutic & Sports Massage (New Zealand College of Massage)
  • National Diploma in Business – Human Resource Management, People Development and Coordination with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority

  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM)

  • Board Certified Structural Integrator (IASI)