At Aqua Sensory they love to create sensory harmony in water and understand child development, they have a hold and move they call ‘bear feet babes’, so when they saw there was a book called Finding Their Feet – they were so drawn to buying it and reading.

In this episode, Jo & I talk about why bare feet is good for child development, how going barefoot can help children physically and emotionally too.

In the water, we are in the privileged position to always have bare feet, but maybe as swim teachers or for our swim parents we don’t know about all the amazing benefits?

Let’s connect some dots together.

Listen here

Finding Your Feet by Bernie Landels

Finding Their Feet

Every Parents Guide to Milestones and Movement by Bernie Landels

A parenting book like no other, Finding Their Feet covers the journey from conception and the womb to the moment your baby finds their feet and walks.

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