Imagine if every child was a rocket, with a blueprint and course set for the stars.

We would want the best structure, design and rocket fuel to help them get there.

With their feet as launch pads it is important every child has the best start and that their feet and bodies are well maintained throughout the years.

I have seen too many older feet with problems or feet causing problems elsewhere in the body – it doesn’t have to be this way…

As an experienced health practitioner, instructor, speaker and mother

My mission is to support and educate parents/carers so they may confidently raise healthy rockets (children), who develop naturally.

I want to ensure that every rocket launched is well built with solid foundations, has the best coordinates set and can shoot and reach beyond the stars.

Through prevention and awareness, I believe my mission will have a positive impact on the occurrence of developmental delays and challenges.

“This very readable book about baby physical development with a special focus on the feet is a gem for new parents. It really opens your eyes to the importance of those incredible appendages on the end of our legs. Bernie’s expertise, passion and humour shines through on every page. I love how she combines anatomy and science with practical advice on how to help your baby develop his or her moves. I really wish I’d had this book when my kids were babies and look forward to recommending it to my customers.”

Helen Wadsworth
Owner, Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop (NZ)

“Finding Their Feet is an easy-to-read reference guide for parents and early childhood educators that will empower them with an understanding of what infants need, rather than simply guessing about how to best support their development. It is packed with the most up to date, evidence-based information broken into bite-sized chunks that will help parents, early childhood educators to confidently strengthen both children’s minds and bodies and set them up developmentally for life.”

Kari Sutton

Founder of Building Resilient Kids (Australia). Author of ‘Raising a Mentally Fit Generation’

“This delightfully easy to read book is packed full with valuable ideas, resources, and tools that help its readers – especially parents, grandparents, preschool carers, teachers, sports coaches, shoe retailers, health care practitioners – understand that that little peoples’ feet are designed to be worn bare (or as near to bare as possible) most of the time. Read it. We cannot afford to be ignorant about these things.”

Sue Adstrum PHD
Integrative anatomist. Manual therapy practitioner. Author of the Living Wetsuit. Speaker. Health education consultant. New Zealand.