As the feet are your foundation for posture and movement it’s worth looking after them. You have 26 bones in each foot making up 33 joints that are designed to move and adapt as you walk. If your feet have been hiding away in conventional shoes it may be time to set them free, wake them up and get them moving.

Try the 5 minute foot blasts to start. I have prepared checklists for you to assess your own movement and feet. Each check list then has suggested movements and techniques to get your feet moving.

If you’re keen to try minimal / barefoot shoes to help your feet it is important that you introduce or transition in to them slowly. There are a few books about going barefoot – check them out below.


Get Your FREE 5 Minute Foot Blasts

These activities are designed to get your feet moving, re-awaken them and connect them to your body. In colour and printable versions.


Here’s a couple of useful links if you’re looking for a more minimal shoe for yourself  PaperKrane have the most FUN minimal shoes. Happy Little Soles are a UK supplier than stock many options for adults and kids (look out for the barefoot symbol). There are other shoe companies – hunt them out keeping in mind that you are looking for a shoe that has:

  • Thin, flexible sole for movement and sensitivity.
  • Wide toe box so all toes can move and spread.
  • Flat toe box for ‘neutral’ toes.
  • Flat (zero drop) heel to allow optimal posture.


  • The Barefoot Book. 50 Great Reasons to Kick Off Your Shoes. By Howell, Daniel., 2010.
  • Any Katy Bowman Book!

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