“This book will support newborn parents, carers, teachers, and those in the sports, massage and yoga industries who work with babies and children. Grounding our babies to connect themselves to Papatuanuku for mind, body and soul (their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.) I haven’t come across a book like this with the sole purpose of Finding Their Feet. I enjoyed how you made it an interactive book. It got me out of the book, doing something physical so I could feel what was going on.”

P-J McCrea, Founder of Little Steps. Beautiful Beginnings (NZ)

“This book is a great resource for parents. Baby Massage Instructors and Health Professionals equally. Complex development topics are made accessible and interesting alongside the author’s own motivating anecdotes.”

Cherry Bond, Neonatal Educator, Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM), Brazelton Assessor, Doula and Massage Therapist. Co-Author of ‘Caring for your baby in the Neonatal Unit’ (UK)

Finding Your Feet by Bernie Landels

Finding Their Feet – Every Parents Guide to Milestones and Movement by Bernie Landels

A parenting book like no other, Finding Their Feet covers the journey from conception and the womb to the moment your baby finds their feet and walks. Movement is key to life and the first 1000 days crucial in laying the foundations for physical growth and development. It’s full of practical ideas about movement, touch, the best shoes to buy, supported by simple explanations to build confidence, free resources and videos.

As a midwife I recommend this book to other midwives so they can share this valuable advice with women in their care. ‘Finding their feet’ gives practical and well-founded advice on how a parent/care giver can, with confidence, have an active role in their child’s development. This book is one that you can refer to for information to seek a specific need or read from cover to cover so you can be fully informed of an infant’s physical development focusing on the feet.”

Dr Heather Donald
Midwifery Lecturer and Researcher, Auckland University of Technology (NZ), mother and grandmother 

Bernie’s passion for her work shines through, with her warmth, understanding and nurture, she is supporting them to build the bonds of love and trust with their baby. ‘Finding Their Feet’ will inspire parents. Bernie has really done her research magnificently, and shone the light on the importance of primitive reflexes in the development of the whole nervous system. Recommended for bodyworkers, nurses and therapists.

Peggy Dawson

Director of ‘Service Through Nurturing Touch and Founder of NZ Chapter IAIM

“This is a very valuable book for fathers. It doesn’t focus on the mother’s side of taking care of the baby but helps to understand the motor and neurodevelopment of their child. From personal experience, (new) fathers are sometimes a bit lost as to what they can do with their baby when they have to tend to them.  The information and exercises are great way for fathers to do something that is fun as well as helpful!”

Gert Lippens

Chiropractor and father (UK)

For every parent out there just starting their parenting journey, this will make fascinating reading during your pregnancy and early days.  Not only will you learn heaps but you will be so much more informed of ways to support your child in their development from the earliest of days which in turn will help them to develop to their full.  This is like no other pregnancy book! Even if you just dip into it as your child reaches each stage, you will gain so much!

Claire Stead
Creator and Founder of the Oliiki First 1000 Days app (UK)
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Finding Their Feet – Every Parents Guide to Milestones and Movement by Bernie Landels

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