TOUCH and MOVEMENT are two key elements for a baby to survive and thrive. At birth, your baby is totally dependent on you, as parent/carer, to provide everything they need. With so many gadgets, devices, containers for sale, and apps, books and marketing material telling you what you need it can be hard to make the best, most informed decision. For optimal growth and physical development of your baby their needs are simple – positive nurturing experiences and a safe environment. In the early days this comes in the form of YOU and the FLOOR!

Infant Massage


As a Certified Infant Massage Instructor since 2002 and a mother of two young men – Nick and Ben, massage was a big part of their early lives. Now, I share the many well-researched benefits with parents both new and familiar to the practice.


Over 5 weeks you will learn to massage your baby from head to toe. Detailed course notes and videos will support your learning.

Gain a deeper understanding of your growing baby. Benefits for your baby may include: 

  • Connection

  • Calmness

  • Improved sleep

  • Relief from wind, colic or constipation

Individual or group sessions run over 5 consecutive weeks and are for all babies from birth to crawling.

Grab a copy of my book – it has a chapter on massage and access to bonus videos and resources. Or find a local Infant Massage practitioner near you.

Infant Massage


Holding your baby in your arms, as I did all those years ago, you know that they will eventually find their feet and walk, run and jump. Yet, it is something that we should not leave to chance, nor believe that they will achieve the different milestones in ‘their own time’.

Developmental Movement

Be proactive and confident understanding your baby’s early physical development with 1:1 online consultations.

Adapted for the age and/or stage of your baby or child, supported with resources and activities to explore:

  • Primitive reflexes

  • Transitional movements

  • Milestones

  • Touch

The journey from womb to walking lay the foundations for a healthy life. Applying Rhythmic Movement Training International principles, I guide you with your baby, or work with you and your child.

Give your baby or child the best start through providing the best experiences and environment for positive growth.

Check out my resource page for TOUCH and MOVEMENT ideas to get you started.

And why not come and join me and other parents at ‘Finding Their Feet’ – a community space for for sharing information and support. See you there!