Working alongside parents, sharing the benefits of touch, massage and movement, to help their baby or child is an absolute privilege.

Infant Massage

The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) was founded in 1981 by Vimala MClure after her work in orphanages in India.

The IAIM lives by the principles upon which their work is based; striving to work together to support parents in creating a nurturing environment for themselves and their child.

As a Certified Infant Massage Instructor since 2002 and a mother of two young men – Nick and Ben, massage was a big part of their early lives. Now, I share the many well-researched benefits with parents both new and familiar to the practice.

Would you like to be more informed about your baby’s growing body, the importance of touch, feet and development of posture – it’s never too early to set patterns in the body that will serve your infant as they grow.

For Your Baby

Infant Massage may:

  • Help your baby to feel securely attached
  • Help your baby to feel more loved, valued and respected
  • Reduce crying and emotional distress
  • Increase levels of relaxation and longer sleep
  • Develop greater body awareness and coordination
  • Provide relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort

For You

Infant Massage may:

  • Feel closer to your baby
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s behaviour, crying and body language
  • Provide an enjoyable opportunity to spend one-to-one time with your baby
  • Feel the relaxing effects of giving your baby a massage
  • Increase confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby
  • Learn a life-long parenting skill

Infant Massage Courses

Individual or group run over 5 consecutive weeks

For all babies from 1 month to crawling.


If you don’t live near me then buy my book to read which also includes access to bonus videos and resources.

If you are interested you can contact a local Infant Massage practitioner near you.