“Bernie ‘kicked us off’ in style….her enthusiasm is infectious.”

Chair, Developmental Practitioners Association, UK

I’m on a mission to inspire audiences to Find their Feet in this ever changing world and raise the awareness of the importance of early physical development in building resilience in tomorrow’s child. As an experienced educator, leader and health practitioner, as well as author of ‘Finding Their Feet’, it frustrates me that people know more about operating their car or phone than their own body, or about their children.  

I bring knowledge of the human body, clinical and life experiences along with science and research, and I’m going where no-one has gone before, to the actual baseline of our foundations!

With amateur stage experience in my 20’s, teaching and presenting from my 30’s, and travelling internationally since I hit 40, I’m taking to the stage (or screen) again.  As an empty nester I’m free to travel and confidently move in the virtual and hybrid worlds as a presenter.

WARNING: Audiences must be prepared to kick their shoes off…….


Resilience is the ability to navigate, adapt and ‘bounce back’ after challenges and tough times. And if there was ever a time to test everyone’s resilience, it has been the last few years and the challenges faced amidst a global pandemic. Everyone has been affected, children are no exception. Read more here

Suitable for:

  • Paediatric practitioners, midwives and health professionals,
  • Early years education specialists,
  • Parenting and community organisations, ERG’s, and of course Parents/carers.

Delivery: Online, in-person or hybrid. 45-60 minutes for keynote, webinar and conference presentations

Past Events


“Bernie Landels’ recent online presentation for us ‘Finding your Feet’ was a real eye-opener.  Her presentation style is very accessible and easy to understand but at the same time full of useful and practical information.  We are looking forward to hosting her again on www.ehealthlearning.tv

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